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Travel & tourism is one of the world's fastest growing industries bridging nations across the globe, creating more interaction between people and countries, building a strong relationship between the  corporate and public sectors and ushering more socioeconomic opportunities for business growth and leisure that benefits you and me. 

Malaysia, proves to be a nature haven, as well as well as comprising a unique and diverse community of many ethical cultural Asian communities living in harmony in one place. It is also rich in traditional and cultural ethnicity and gives you a flavor of historical relics that can be seen and felt with the many preserved historic sites and locations spanned throughout the country. The diverse belief of various cultural festivity add color, vibrance and exuberance of a true Malaysian feeling that cannot be replicated elsewhere, thus, the tagline of 'Malaysia Truly Asia' comes true in every essence and experience when one is here.

When in Malaysia one will see, what makes a Malaysian uniqueness is their SMILE and that's what differentiates us from others who have chased after progress and development in this region. However, one will see with progress, Malaysia has maintained a sense of hospitality and friendliness within the community in treating and respecting others on a whole which is its uniqueness that is apparent throughout the country.


Our COMPANY - 'Your Satisfaction Is Our Achievement'. 

Jasper Travel & Tour Sdn. Bhd was set up in 2009 and is listed and recognized by the ministry of tourism Malaysia, which has a strict vetting process to ensure only certified firms are allowed to operate in this line of business to safeguard the image of the tourism sector and the country. 

In line with our vision, to provide the best services at the most competitive prices, we have a team of dedicated and experienced staff to ensure that you - our valued and esteemed client - get prompt and friendly attention as well as a choice of airfares, packages, tours & destinations for which we are known for. This is our way of simplifying your travel needs and amplifying your experience!

We take pride in our ability to ensure we achieve our business motto 'Your Satisfaction Is Our Achievement'.


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